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Due to a change in ownership, we are now operating under the name, The Lighting Guys!
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The Lighting Guys is at your service for commercial electrical lighting maintenance and light bulb, ballast, and lighting fixture replacements at wholesale distribution pricing and serving you in the Reno, NV and Sparks, NV areas. We also have an inventory of common household light bulbs including standard incandescent (the light bulbs you're used to), compact fluorescent (generally in the spiral or curly-q shape and abbreviated as CFL Self-Ballasted or CFL Pin-Based), and linear fluorescent tubes used in kitchens, garages, laundry rooms, and closets.

In addition to the household light bulb options we offer, we also provide replacement lamps and ballasts used in most parking lot pole lighting and exterior security lighting applications and used by Reno and Sparks property management companies, shopping centers, and business parks.

Our Reno and Sparks electrical and lighting related service is offered at one of the most competitive rates in town! Call 775-356-BULB (2852) to schedule your Reno or Sparks, NV electrical service with our electrician on staff today!

Some additional light bulb categories we offer include appliance bulbs, decorative lamps, ANSI coded bulbs, ballasts, batteries, black light bulbs, Christmas lights, LED exit signs, full spectrum light bulbs, grow light bulbs, halogen bulbs, high pressure sodium lamps (HPS), indicator light bulbs, LED landscape lighting, LED wallwash lighting, LED retrofit lighting, LED under cabinet lighting, low pressure sodium lamps (SOX or LPS), mercury vapor lamps, metal halide lamps (MH), PAR lamps (flood lights and spot lights), rough service light bulbs, shatter protected (tuff coated or Teflon coated), sign light bulbs, sockets and lamp holders, starters, and many other specialty products.